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Who 'We' Are

Founded in 2006 in a small garage at the base of Little Cottonwood Canyon, BigSkiSale.com continues to balance scale with passion, volume with attention to detail, and efficiency with its primary aspiration - To get brand new and mint condition ski gear into the hands of serious skiers who are excited to get out on the hill as much as they can.

BigSkiSale.com aspires to do this one thing very well.

Most companies tend to hide behind the faceless pronoun, "We"...

But instead, I prefer to make clear that there are no employees here. I do it all from start to finish.

I am one guy who moved to Utah to ski powder over a decade ago and found a way to live the dream through the implementation of balance. I'm not afflicted by fantasies of unfettered growth and market domination. I am not interested in competing with retail giants or maximizing volume. The volume is already turned up loud enough in today's world. I am simply interested in keeping my life well-balanced, and I believe the consequence of this for my customers is a unique experience. I specialize in low quantities, one of a kind high-end items, unmatched deals, and a lot of personal attention...

I hand pick every pair of skis that I sell. When I say this, I mean my hand touches every ski that comes down the pipe. If it has too many scratches, I hand it back. If it needs repair, I reject it. If anything looks less than stellar or questionable, I pass - so that my customers don't ever have to worry about it on their end. I turn countless skis away each year because I'd rather sell quality over quantity. And I believe that when it comes to selling gently used gear, especially, there are two fundamental prerequisites to success: Integrity and Foresight.

Without integrity, the whole fun of the thing falls away. It is integrity and good faith and a cooperative spirit that makes buying gear online both fun and confidence-inspiring.

And without foresight, efficiency and customer satisfaction suffers. I therefore operate in a way that is based on the sort of transparency that enables an absence of future issues. That way we both get to go ski more.

So...Welcome! Take a spin around, do some gawking, jot down some numbers. If you have questions, comments, quandaries, or just flat-out cussing ... Just send it on over!


Thank you for stopping by!  If you decide to stick around and do some business, I already know you will not be disappointed.

Mailing Address:

3530 East Fort Union Blvd, Unit D
Salt Lake City, UT  84121